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A 501(c)(3) charity supporting Homeless and At Risk Veterans and the Visually Impaired

Day 1 of an 8 day training symposium.  5 veterans living in transitional housing: WestCare (for women and kids), the Salvation Army and Genesis.

And day 8 of class, certified now, better prospects for life now, clearly on their faces.  Took them for graduation lunch to the Golden Nugget hotel in Vegas.

Click here for student comments and the class and its effect on their lives.

Here's just a comments from our homeless vet students:
Students in the February 2014 class presented Ed with a large card, with these comments:

     * Thanks for not just looking at us as bums, but like we’re actually someone!  You are awesome and so is your class.  I look forward to getting a great job!  Liz, U. S. Air Force vet.  Unemployed for 2 years, homeless for 6 months.
   * I can not begin to express my gratitude.  the war on poverty is just beginning and my weapon is loaded and aimed.  Teresa, U. S. Army vet.  Unemployed and homeless for 1 year.      * Thank you for your guidance.  You are a wonderful example of how to be a director in life; I am looking forward to applying all I learned.”  Lisa, U. S. Air Force vet.  After being out of work for 4 months and homeless for 2 months, Lisa was hired by a LaQuinta motel the day after class ended.

View the video of the class talking about the class and their lives - before and NOW.

View Marine Vet, David, talking about his experience in the first homeless vets class.

Seeing this change in my students, I immediately thought of Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed a Dream" song on TV - let me be kind and just say she did NOT look like an emerging singing sensation - but, she dared to try and WOW, talented.  Check it out and see if you don't cry, and see the similarity to our vets' stories.  Headphones on, click here.

The Veteran's Support Network, Inc. - Rebuilding lives - one Vet at a time.

- The objectives of this organization are:        
     *To provide skills to veterans with an emphasis on our target market - homeless, disabled and special needs veterans.        
     *To aid and encourage the interest, education and advancement of homeless, disabled and special needs veterans in the food service and hospitality industry.        
     *To strengthen organizations that help veterans find fulfilling and sustaining roles in society.  
     *To provide funding for on-the-job training for veterans.        
     *To provide funding for professional talking books and Braille books for veterans.        
     *To support Military Culinary Competitions and the DOD Enlisted Aide of the Year awards as organized by the Military Hospitality Alliance.

To support VSN, learn more, or provide suggestions as to where and how we can help, PLEASE send us an email at